We specialize in ceiling fans & water heaters for over 32 years.  By focusing only in these areas, we have developed a high level of knowledge to ensure we can offer our customers the most appropriate solution for their needs. In addition, this allows us to carry a wide range of products, to suit all styles and budgets. Our customers include private individuals who want top advice to purchase ceiling fans for their homes, investment properties and businesses, as well as builders, electricians and architects on all types of projects, including large buildings such as resorts in Malaysia, Singapore & overseas. We corporate with international branding companies and work closely with the factory, engineers, and technician and designer to bring in new ideas every now and then, we are dedicated to new technology and innovating the latest technologies from air movement, motor performance to lighting intensity. We have an extensive range of decorative and designer fans to suit any home. Homeowners looking for ceiling fans will be spoilt for choice, from finishes of the motor housing to fan blades (microfiber, wooden, acrylic, metal or rattan blades).


Established in 1988, Elmark is the first to produce and distribute high class decorative fans & advance technology in Singapore & Malaysia. We modified the default motor & invented the 188 super powerful motor to suit the high temperature weather in Singapore & Malaysia and now, it is the most advance innovative 3rd generation energy saving efficient, silent DC motor.

Making a difference

One of our latest technology is the blade-less ceiling fan that generates unique airflow starts a gentle rotation of the air much like a vortex- air exits in all directions 360 degree horizontally; the air is not simply directed straight down but moves around the room in a pleasant cyclonic flow which is an advancement in the ceiling fan industry.


Besides Singapore, our products are also sold in regional countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Brunei. We have also worked with the largest companies in the US and Australia on internationally renowned brands like Exhale fan, Sycamore, Fanaway, Minkaaire, Aeratron and Casablanca, etc. We are also the authorised distributors of this premium range of fans for various projects. Our headquarters is a four-storey building in Kuala Lumpur, which spans 42,000 sq ft.

We have also branch out into the hospitality business. Currently we have a six-storey Hotel in J.B, three-story Hotel in Kuantan and a four-story Hotel in Malacca


We take pride in maintaining the reliability of our fans, our devotion to the process of production & collaboration with our experienced technical & superior design team combining manufacturing technology from United Kingdom. Our fan quality are tested to Singapore safety standards that comply with government requirements.

King of fans

We are Asia’s biggest stockiest for ceiling fan (Since 1988, we carry at least 80,000 sets of fan in store cater for South Asia Market.)

Elmark Marketing was established in 1988.
Partnerships with renowned international brands
Four-storey Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur