Last Updated : May 2019


Motor Assembly 3 Years
DC Motor Assembly5 Years
Electrical Parts1 Year


This product has been tested before leaving the factory and is certified to be in proper working condition and free from manufacturing defects as from the date of purchase.

1)  Warranty terms & Conditions

a.  This warranty card must be filled correctly and posted within 14 days of purchase, otherwise warranty will be void and null.

b.  The consumer must present this warranty card together with a valid original receipt issued by the seller at the time of purchase as evidence of the date of purchase.

c.  This warranty is limited to new product sold by our authorised dealers only.

d.  Manufacturing defects arising from recommended usage as stated in the Instruction Manual.

e.  Defective parts under the warranty period will be replaced or repaired accordingly. Any parts replaced shall become the property of ELMARK. However freight/deliver transport & workmanship shall be borne by the purchaser.

f.  We will accept no responsibility for any injuries to people, animals or damage to objects directly or indirectly resulting from failure to follow the instructions provided in the Instruction Manual.

g.  Domestic usage within Malaysia, warranty will differ if for commercial/industrial usage.

h.  This warranty card is non-transferable or replaceable even at the event of lost.

2)  This warranty does not cover:

a.  Usage not carried out as recommended or in accordance with the requirements set out at the Instruction Manual.

b.  Any fault not due to the product's defects.

c.  The appliance is repaired by an unauthorised personnel.

d.  The serial number on the appliance is removed, defaced or altered.

e. Defects caused by household pest, lightning, natural disaster, flood, pollution, abnormal voltage or usage of generator.

f.  Any contact with corrosive chemical resulting in rust or other defects.

g.  Consumables(e.g, batteries)supplied by ELMARK.

h.  Defects due to commercial or communal usage,(This warranty only covers domestic usage)

i.  Finishes, Scratches, dents, cracks, noisy, balance of fan, control switch, regulator, condenser, blade&blade holder, power point, power plug and remote control are not cover under this warranty.

j.  Defects/damages resulting from accident, misuse, incorrect installation, unauthorised repair, replacement, modification and alteration including usage of different regulators/dimmers.

k.  Repair/service for installation exceeding 3.3 meters from the floor level. However, warranty will apply if the set is brought down at owner's expense.

l.  Installation/sales rendered by unauthorised dealers, sales agents or contractors.

m. Additional cost involved for servicing of ceiling height exceeding 3.3m & false ceiling condition.

n.  Transport and labour cost for removal and installation, will be charged separately and shall be paid for by the purchaser.

o.  Portable items are to be brought down to our service centre for repair.

p.  ELMARK shall in no circumstances be under any liability for injuries, expenses, damages or consequential loss that may in any degree be attributed to the materials used in relation to the goods or its manufacture in respect of, the design of the goods or arising out of the installation or servicing of the goods. ELMARK shall hold no liability on damage cost during repair or installation.

q. Users are strongly encourage to engage Elmark to conduct checks on suspension system once every 2 years

ELMARK reserves the right to charge transport minimum S$30; Workmanship minimum S$20.
And for any additional parts within local area from ELMARK service centre.