Description and Features 

Elmark’s ABM GEAR Motor

      • The BigMac series uses Elmark ABM Gear motor (imported from Gemany) with advance modification to achieve high torque and low noise, achieving better energy saving and power loss reduction.

      • Elmark’s ABM Gear motor has gone through years of research, adjustments and fine-tuning for maximum efficiency, power delivery and reliability.

    Excellent Area Coverage, Comfort and Productivity

      • BigMac Series delivers dense consistent airflow and temperature distribution, enhancing indoor air quality by facilitating better air circulation and ventilation by effectively circulating fresh air and removing stale or polluted air.

      • Helps eliminate airborne contaminants, odors, and moisture buildup, thus preventing the growth of mold and mildew. In environments where hazardous fumes or chemicals are present, BigMac fans aid in dispersing and diluting these substances, ensuring a safer work environment for employees.

    Energy Efficiency

      • BigMac Series fans excel in energy efficiency compared to conventional fans or air conditioning systems. Their large size and slow rotational speed enable them to move substantial amounts of air with minimal power consumption.

    Aerofoil Blades

      • Torndo Series Areofil blades are made of aviation grade Aluminum alloy to withstand the toughest environment. It’s design structure is further strengthened with vertical struts within the length of each blade to reduce weight, generating high air circulation.

    Aerofoil Winglet

      • A winglet is attached to the end of the aerofoils to reduce horizontal drag vortices and improve downward lift, boosting up to 50% more air than most of our competitor.

    BigMac Series

    Modern Powerful Ideal Solution

    BigMac Series is the ideal solution, a powerful and sleek model providing air movement in large commercial spaces. 

    ELMARK’s ABM Gear motor design delivers maximum airflow you need without compromising on the design.

    Applications across Industries:

    Elmark’s BigMac Series find extensive applications in various industries, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, gymnasiums, retail spaces, agricultural buildings, and more. In industrial settings, BigMac Series Fans aid in cooling equipment, reducing condensation, and maintaining temperature-sensitive products. In commercial spaces, these fans create comfortable shopping experiences, facilitate proper air exchange, and improve the overall ambiance.

    a) Warehouses and Industrial Facilities: Ideal for maintaining a consistent and comfortable environment in large industrial spaces, where traditional air conditioning systems may be insufficient or impractical.

    b) Commercial Spaces: Shopping malls, retail outlets, and recreational facilities benefit from the air circulation and cooling effect, providing a pleasant environment for customers and staff alike.

    c) Agricultural Buildings: Used in barns and livestock facilities to promote air movement, keeping animals comfortable and improving overall ventilation.

    d) Sports Arenas and Event Venues: Deployed in large sports complexes and event venues to enhance air circulation, ensuring a comfortable experience for spectators and athletes.

    e) Airport Terminals and Transportation Hubs: Improve air movement and regulate temperature in vast transportation hubs, making passengers feel more at ease during their travels.


    Model BigMac Series, ABM Gear Motor
    Diameter 15ft – 24ft (4.5m – 7.3m)
    Weight 140kg
    Speed (Max) 52 RPM
    Power Consumption 1100 W
    Max Airflow 460000 CFM
    780000 M3/H
    Coverage Area 1500 m2
    16156 ft2
    Noise 50 dB(A)
    Power source 3 Phase AC (4-pole)
    Environment Indoor / Outdoor