UK 708
UK 708 - Instant Water Heater

-UL Heating Technology – Highly reliable heating element

-Triple Safety Protection – Built in auto water flow-sensor device switch – Built in upgraded 15mA sensitivity electronic ELCB – Upgraded anti scalding thermal safety design

-Stylish Multi Spray Patterns Handshower

-Electronic Variable Power Temperature Control

-Built in Lightning Surge Protector

-3-in-1 Compact Stop, Flow and Filter Valve Design

-Suitable for High and Low Water Pressure

-Low Noise Booster Pump

-2P2T Proctection

2P: Double relay highly sensitive electronic ELCB, cut off both live & neutral power supply. Prevents electrocution & lightning

2T: Double thermal safety protection – 55°c anti-scalding thermal cut out – 80°c anti-burst thermal cut out


Product Specifications

-Power Rating: 3.0kW 220-240V 50/60Hz

-Min. Water Flow Rate: 3 litre/ min

-Min. Working Flow Rate: 7 litre/ min

-Water Connection: 1/2″ BSP Single Point System

-Net Dimension (mm): 246mm (W) X 356mm (H) X 112mm (D)

-Net Weight: 3.0 Kg



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